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UMBRO Awards 2007 by Futsalplanet.com: Best National Team Coach of the World

Dear futsal friends,

as announced we're ready to celebrate the first category winner of the UMBRO Futsal Awards 2007 by Futsalplanet.com. This award has a special meaning, as it's dedicated to the memory of a great friend of us: Dimitri Nicolaou. We're talking about the Best National Team Coach of the World category, which since this edition and for the future ones will be known as Dimitri Nicolaou Award. Before the end of the summer we will announce candidates list and winners of the other UMBRO Futsal Awards 2007 categories, stay tuned!

So, who's the winner? Who's the Best National Team Coach of the World? It was maybe not hard to guess, but the Euro 2007 triumph in his first official challenge was probably the key for the Josè Venancio Lopez Hierro clear victory of the Dimitri Nicolaou Award 2007! The former Lobelle De Santiago's coach claimed the annual prize overcoming the strong competition of his former colleague on the Iberian bench Javier Lozano Cid. The 100% winning trainer of the CanarinhosPaulo Cesar De Oliveira "PC" got the bronze medal at the end of a great year. Below have a look at the complete standing! UMBRO Futsal Awards 2007 by Futsalplanet.com

Dimitri Nicolaou Award 2007!

Final Standing

score - Coach Name - (National team/Coach country)

157 pts - Josè Venancio Lopez Hierro (Spain/ESP)

103 pts - Javier Lozano (Spain/ESP)

077 pts - Paulo Cesar De Oliveira "PC" (Brazil/BRA)

066 pts - Orlando Duarte (Portugal/POR)

048 pts - Alessandro Nuccorini (Italy/ITA)

022 pts - Oleg Ivanov (Russia/RUS)

016 pts - Aca Kovacevic (Serbia/SRB)

015 pts - Fernando Larranaga (Argentina/ARG)

015 pts - Hossein Shams (Iran/IRN)

011 pts - Hennadiy Lysenchuk (Ukraine/UKR)

009 pts - Mato Stankovic (Libya/CRO)

008 pts - Guilherme Carvalho "Farinha" (China/BRA) 

006 pts - Rubio Guerra (Qatar/BRA)

006 pts - Francisco Carosini (Paraguay/PAR)

006 pts - Sergio Sapo (Japan/BRA)

005 pts - Mihaly Kozma (Hungary/HUN)

005 pts - Zoltan Jakab (Romania/ROU)

005 pts - Andrej Dobovicnik (Slovenia/SVN)

003 pts - Keith Tozer (USA/USA)

003 pts - Nurtazin Djetybaev (Kyrgyzstan/KYR)

003 pts - Benny Meurs (Belgium/BEL)

002 pts - Pattaya Piemkum (Thailand/THA)

001 pts - Marcos Aurelio Sorato “Pipoca” (Brazil Women/BRA)

001 pts - Daniel Darino (Uruguay/URU)

001 pts - Tomas Neumann (Czech Republic/CZE)


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